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Friday, February 13, 2009

Bloggers check your feeds

Please consider this as a public service message.

Recently Feedburner was purchased by Google. 

I know many of us have used Feedburner to push our feeds out more efficiently to the world.

There has been a few changes in the feedburner service and now when you log in you will be asked to move your feed over to the Google Service on your Google Account.  I recently did mine and it is done very easily for you but you should do it before February 28th so you can control the move and/r transfer your service elsewhere.  I'm unclear at this point what happens if you do not move it before the 28th of February.

I didn't get an email telling me about this, so I can only assume you neither did anyone else. Simply log into your Feedburner account and it will pop-up and direct you.

For bloggers who did not use Feedburner previously.  Check out it's new local at 

The service is the same, from what I read, except it no longer has the analytics incuded.  For that they recommend using Google analytics.  I highly recommend Google Analytics for all websites, not just blogs, anyways.  It is a "must have" for all websites, in my opinion.  And it's free...