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Friday, January 23, 2009


I sit at my desk looking at my blog.  I haven't been active with it in a while.  Too busy with the podcast, young family of three and my various business interests.  I look down at my comments for each post and realize something...

I got a spike in comments every time I discussed Masonry and technology.  My latest example was my discussion on Twitter but there have been others.  Hmmmmm....

And I'm interested in web technology as most of you can tell.  Who else wants to create an online podcast and stay up late on a Sunday talking about Masonry on a computer to other people around the world?  So I'm contemplating the future purpose of this blog and what I should be discussing.

Any comments or suggestions from my readers, who are probably wondering what I've been doing anyway?

I look forward to hearing from you.  And yes you can Twitter me (@dbk) as well, or find me on facebook.

And don't disappoint me OK?  Leave me a comment.  I want to hear from YOU...


Greg Stewart said...

I love the idea of technology and Freemasonry! In fact I got an email this morning from a close associate that I've been talking to about that very subject.

I think Freemason's Corner is a great place about bring lodges up to the 21st Century electronically. No one else is doing it...hum, or maybe....

Frederic L. Milliken said...

I'm on the bandwagon but I am not technologically savy. I need help as well as I think many Masons do. In 6 days I celebrate my 65th birthday. The challenge then until my age dies out is to also help the older Masons who just think the whole thing is beyond their ability to grasp it. Unfortunately at the moment a great many of these types are in charge of our Grand Lodges.

Maybe you have time to wait for me to die off, but I don't!

Justa Mason said...

Dean, to be honest, a blog on Freemasonry and technology would be great. I don't know how much you would be able to post on the topic, but I would imagine there's a need and a desire for a specialised blog of that nature.

On the Masonic front, there are general blogs, editorial blogs, educational blogs, pure blogs (diary-type entries), so why not something else?

As for Fred's comment, it would appear that, locally, the bulk of Secretaries are on the net; even guys in their 80s. And our GL Directory the last few years reveals very few GL officers are without an e-mail address. It's no different than 100 years ago when even the oldsters started getting those new-fangled telephones.


Frederic L. Milliken said...

Ah, but how many have websites or would even know how to construct one?

How many have a blog or contribute to discussion on another's? How many contribute to an Internet Masonic Forum? How many know what a Browser is? How many use the Internet to search for information? How many know what a podcast is?

How many use IM? How many have used a computer telephone service? How many use a digital camera and download their photographs to their computer? Or how many are still taking film to the store to be developed? How many get much of their news from computer sites? Or how many still mainly read the local newspaper?

How many know what Facebook is? Twitter? How many use cell phones to text message? How many listen to music on their computer?

I have a sister who E-Mails and that is all she uses a computer for. That is all she thinks a computer can do. That is not being technologically savvy in the 21st Century/

Justa Mason said...

I have a sister who E-Mails and that is all she uses a computer for. That is all she thinks a computer can do. That is not being technologically savvy in the 21st Century

So what? Does she really need it for anything else?

Fred, I don't own a cell phone. Don't have an obamaberry. Don't use IM. Don't want them. Don't need them. Don't give a rat about them. I survive quite nicely in this world without them. I'd rather not be reached by anyone, anytime, every second for the rest of my life, thanks.

As for listening to music, everyone knows mp3s don't compare to the sound quality of vinyl. :)

I'm not losing sleep not knowing if the Grand Pursuivant owns a digital camera (I would hope he gets his news from the radio, especially during my shift). However, technology and Freemasonry is a topic worth exploring on a blog. There's certainly interest in it.

Incidentally, I remember what one guy told me why he gave up on internet forums: "It's guys complaining about the same stuff they complain about in Lodge."


Frederic L. Milliken said...

Using a computer only for E-Mail is like driving to work every day in a Lamborghini.

Shane Stevens said...

I would be extremely interested in a blog of this nature. By trade I am an educator who also has a masters in computer education and technology, so I would love to see a place where Masons can go to discuss and share technology potential usage.

My "expertise" is not the coding and programming, but the utilizing and incorporation of technology in existing situations to maximize productivity.

I would gladly participate in the discussions and help brainstorm or test things for/with you.

At the very least as Lodge Education Officer it would be nice to have a place to refer members to as a follow-up of the things I mention to them.

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