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Monday, November 24, 2008


New infants, lots of work and a growing obsession over at Masonic Central (my masonic podcast) = not much time to post.

A few weeks ago we had Stephen Dafoe on the podcast. It was a great interview. Click here to listen

Last night I went back to his website after my show and reserved my Limited Edition copy. Check it out... Only $10 Wow!!!

The Outremer Comic Book looks great! If you have even been curious about the real Templars then it's worth checking out. Of course this is a comic book so it is fiction, but based on some basis of reality.

Just a note: Stephen is not paying me to post this. He actually doesn't even know. I hope he doesn't mind me posting his picture. I just believe in supporting our fellow masonic authors.


Greg Stewart said...

See, that's what I get for ordering early, I miss the special edition offer...

Stephen Dafoe said...

No, you just got the special, special edition.