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Friday, December 07, 2007

Shopping Suggestion for the Inquisitive Mason

Hey Everyone,

I've been hiding for a bit. I'm a bit late giving out gift ideas but here is a great little special to give to yourself or another. History Channel has a great 2 for one special. I should mention this special ends on December 20th 2007. The friendly folks over at A&E/History Channel brought this particular deal to my attention. Thank you very much Janice! Brethren take full advantage of this one... Take note that even the shipping is a deal.

You will notice that in the deal there are plenty of DVDs that would interest a mason or pretty near any documentary junky, such as myself.

Friday, November 23, 2007

What makes a Lodge "Regular"?


I'm doing research for a lecture on "What Makes a Lodge Regular". Each member of my small lodge(about 50 members and the website has/uses limited resources and is managed by one of our "most experienced" brethren) has been asked to take a topic from a list and prepare a lecture for a lecture series. We will probably get about 15 different lectures from this exercise.

As mentioned my topic is explaining what makes a lodge "regular". I thought this would be a good side-topic from my usual. Is your lodge considered regular? What would make a lodge not "regular"? Do you have any examples of lodges that are not considered regular or under great debate?

I would really love to hear from the knowledgeable brethren out there on this topic. You can leave a comment here or send me an e-mail directly by using the link up in the left hand side that says "e-mail me". It's located right below the Most Watched eBay items.

I look forward to all your comments and wisdom.

Also I just started another blog on another topic... feel free to check it out Mobile Office Journal. It's for anyone working at home or on the road.... good for entrepreneurs also.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Masonic Clay Tavern Pipe Found in Shipwreck

I could help but post one more today. I found this great masonic pipe. It was found in a shipwreck. The post mentions the Atocha but I see no information to back-up that claim. If it was the Atocha it would be a real treat. The Atocha was a Spanish Treasure ship, was it not? To find an item such as this on a Spanish ship I can only imagine being a bit out of place... Please correct me if I'm wrong.
The pipe itself has the square and compasses on it.... I see the sun and an eagle with a shield on the other side. I find the eagle a bit odd as well but look forward to a more knowledgeable person to educate me a bit on whether this is truly out of place or perfectly proper the the claimed time-frame and wreck.
None the less this item is fascinating and I'd love to have it myself... but I will let my readers have this one if they want.

Click here to go directly to the eBay item

1862 Newspaper on eBay with interesting Masonic article

Great item today... I think it is a great read. Sure to intrigue many readers. It speaks of publishing the masonic ritual word-for-word. I'm sure this was quite an issue in the mid-1800's. The seller of the newspaper has scanned the article for our reading pleasure. You will have to skip through the article on the Mormon ball to get to the masonic article, however both are interesting. This seller specializes in many antique papers. I've snooped around his items before and found lots of interesting articles, such as reference to the War of 1812, WWII, the Revolution and even Pirates. I like these type of items because you can see how the news was reported at that time and it provides a different perspective than reading about it in text books and reference websites.

Take a look and let me warn you that reading these old papers can be a bit addictive.

Click here to go directly to the eBay item

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Painting/Photocollage of Grand Lodge in Brighton England with King Edward VII

Here is a neat item to check out. It is a photo collage of Grand Lodge in Brighton, UK. The Grand Master at the time was King Edward VII. The painting requires some restoration but for a collector I think this would be a great piece to grab, and for the curious it is really interesting to check out the pictures. From what I understand the artist paints the background and then overlays actual photographs onto the scene.

The painting contains several members of royalty and is taken in the Grand Dome in Brighton, UK. The seller estimated the time of this work to be around 1910.
I love seeing items like this. They allow a picture back in time for us to see another period in masonry. Take a look at the mode of dress and the architecture of the building. Beards were definitely more popular back then.
Click here for the eBay listing

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Antique Masonic Skull Ring From Mexico, MUST BE SEEN

Good day everyone! I was browsing today, as usual. I came across this neat looking ring that I thought may be of interest to a few.

The seller is located in the Netherlands but they are charging a flat international shipping rate of $11. This is a good deal for international shipping.

Here is how the seller describes the ring:




I have edited some of the posting for length... For the full thing please Click here for the eBay listing

Monday, September 24, 2007

Still here...

Yes I'm still alive. I updated some of the sidebar items today to show more t-shirts and less rings. I thought it would be more interesting. Hopefully I'll get some time soon to post some interesting eBay items. I'm also looking at ways to make it easier for you to find interesting eBay items on your own through my site. Stay tuned...

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Prison art limestone carving, Masonic & tobacco motifs

I found this item very quickly today. It is definitely one-of-a-kind masonic folk art. I would encourage you to take a look at the item even if you are not interested in buying something like this. I was amazed that someone was able to carve something like this, especially given they were in prison. It is assumed that the prisoner was a fellow brother and carved it as a gift to the Deputy Warden. I'm not sure of the age but the thought behind this carving is remarkable. I wonder if these two men smoked together?
Masonic Prison Art on eBay

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Note for a friend

Wow, I've been doing a lot of blogging about other stuff other than eBay stuff lately. Today I wanted to post a link to my new lodge website. Not for lack of reason though.

Today is the 25th anniversary of one of my best friends, R.W. Bro. Charles. Here is the link

Look around while your there and check out the website. It isn't the flashiest site but it has tons of heart!

If you do go there and sign the guestbook, tell them Bro. Dean sent you.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Changes... and a bit of humour!

OK yesterday I put up my sidebar that shows different masonic products on the web. If you didn't see it yet... just scroll down and watch the left hand side. You need to get past my ever-present "most watched" eBay listing section first. I liked the eBay section too much to get rid of it. Besides it has neat stuff show up everyday.

So the test today is to see which item I added to the sidebar just for a good laugh. Perhaps it may interest a few of you? But they should put age restrictions on some things.

I also added at least one more t-shirt from Greg as many of you seemed to like it.

OK so the test is to find the item and to add a bit of humour you have to suggest an alternative use for the item as well!!!! Good Luck!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

A touch of Controversy with the Grand Lodge Building in Nova Scotia, Canada


I'm not one to find myself blogging about controversy very often and do not use my blog for those means but you may want to take a look at this new blog Innerguard. It explains the controversy over an historic Masonic building in Halifax, Nove Scotia, Canada. It admittedly covers only one side of the controversy, but at this time I must disclose I am in agreement with this side, until I can find a solid argument to the contrary. To date I have not. I think we are underselling prime land on the Halifax peninsula where there is scarcity of land and high occupancy rates. My hands are in the air brethren...

My new Sidebar tool

I wanted to point out and explain my new tool in my sidebar. First though I want to mention why I point out all these masonic items online. I always found it easy to find masonic items but hard to find what I wanted. Furthermore I wasn't sure if I could always trust the merchant. Besides I have fun looking for all these masonic items. I will continue to post interesting eBay items here as I always do (as long as my kids allow me the time and I'm not too busy with work! LOL)
In the sidebar you will now find the "Freemason Store". This is actually more of a showcase of things on the web, a one-stop shop for masonic items. I find them and place them there. These items are not being sold by me directly. When you click on them you will be taken directly to the store that vends that particular item. I should mention that I have one item up there right now that is sold by a good masonic blogging pal of mine. Greg over at Masonic Traveller did the Masonic Collegiate T-Shirt you can see near the top. I always liked that shirt and thought I'd take the chance to list it here. This week I took a fancy to rings... maybe next week I'll switch it more towards books... Who knows???

Enjoy... and if you want to flame me go ahead. I just want to do what I enjoy doing. Oh you can also make suggestions, that would be nice. If you have questions on how you can do somethign like this for your website... well I'd be more than happy to show you.

Friday, August 31, 2007

Exclusive DVD for Dan Brown's New Book "The Mystery of the Solomon Key"

A&E now has an exclusive DVD about The Mystery of the Solomon Key which is Dan Brown's heavily anticipated follow-up to the Da Vinci Code. Who can speculate on masonic content in his next book. I say it will have significant masonic content, anyone want to bet against me?

Masonic Crossword Puzzles

I found this interesting item on eBay today. It is a CD with masonic-themed crossword puzzles. This would be good for any crossword lover or even better a great way to add flavor to a masonic newsletter, blog or other masonic correspondence with lodge members.

The best part about this item is it is very inexpensive. Grab it while you can. Bidding started at $2.50 and the Buy It Now price is only $5.00. So I guess it depends how much you enjoy bidding... If you don't then just pick it up for $5.00. It looks like the delivery is free also!
Masonic Themed Crossword Puzzle

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Gold Masonic Fob Ball for sale

I had an e-mail from a fellow reader. They kindly pointed out a Gold Fob Ball for sale on Craigslist. For those interested here is the link (click here).

These fob balls are truly amazing pieces. I've highlighted one or two in the past on eBay. A true gem for any masonic collector. I don;t have one yet but if you wish to donate I'll accept... (that's humour in case you didn't get it).

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

My Dog

Usually I reserve this blog for Masonic eBay listings but today I am inspired to write about something else.

Last week our dog (who will rename nameless for this post) was diagnosed with advanced stages of tumors in her lungs and various complications this causes, leaving her with only half a lung. The poor girl suffered, as her health started to dive quickly. My wife was taken off-guard by how quickly she went from being a happy healthy dog to a state of having a hard time just breathing, and taking little interest in the things she always enjoyed.

We made the tough decision and after explaining the best we could to our five year old, we let him say good-bye to our dog before he went to bed. We figured our other child was still too young to explain these things. We then took our dog to the emergency vet clinic and had her euthanized. That is a hard thing to do. It was surreal in many ways when the vet asked for permission to proceed with the needle. You know it is best for the dog not to suffer and yet you still have a hint of doubt, especially as the dog is looking up at you as you give the word.

I know it was much harder on my wife. She had the dogs head on her lap as it passed away. In some senses I was relieved not to see her struggling for breath anymore but up until a few minutes before this moment I was the tough guy that supported my struggling wife. She had this dog since before we met. I cannot claim however that I was a tough guy as I dealt with this issue. My heart melted and I felt bad as I reminisced about the fun times and companionship this friendly animal gave us over the years.

In the vet clinic I was told a couple of times, at the bare minimum, that euthanization was the last act of kindness I could give our dog and allow her to die with some dignity.

I will end this post with a new thought in my head and a question. I've seen my grandmother die of lung cancer and struggling to breath... when she died she was on so much medication she didn't know who she was or where she was. That is only one example... So I ask you to comment. Why does our society look down and disapprove of euthanization for our own kind if we think it is acceptable for our pets? Why is it not acceptable for us? Why can we not opt or perhaps create a living will that allows others to euthanize us under certain circumstances? I guess I've just seen too many people suffering to the end, even when it is know there is no hope for recovery. They sit in a bed suffering till the day of their demise. Can we not give our own species the ability to die with dignity? I'm aware some European countries allow this. This is a giant question, with lots to consider, no easy answers, but I'd love to hear your thoughts...

Friday, July 27, 2007

Antique Robe for Masonic Lodge Dramas on eBay. Decent Price. Decent Seller.

Today I found a great robe for sale on eBay. This robe was made specifically for Masonic purposes. I think it would be great for a collector or to add flavor to a Drama team. The price isn't bad either.

It should be noted that at first I had trouble getting a picture for this post. A quick e-mail to the seller of this robe got me an amazing response. They went out of their way to make sure I got these pictures for you. I could advertise these pictures as exclusive photos of this item. Brethren this seller appears to be a genuine good-person and I'm sure if you had any questions about this item they would be quite happy to respond to your inquiries. In fact, if you want to leave comments here I'll be more than happy to send your inquires directly to the seller now that I have their e-mail. I do not know this seller but I was pleased with their positive attitude. WOW!!! click here to link directly to the eBay listing

Thursday, July 26, 2007


It's been a while since my last post.... Sorry gang.

Today I have a neat piece of history. It is a silver spoon, but more impotant is what is engraved on the spoon. I little piece of know fact is that at one time Masons owned one of the tallest structure, if not the tallest in the world. Someone will have to validate that fact for me however. Nonetheless we had the tallest in Chicago for many years! Now you can own your own spoon with the building engraved on it and tell others the same thing when they ask.

Click here to see the ebay listing with photos

Also, I was asked a while ago to keep an eye out for some masonic wooden boxes. Here are two... at a good price also.
listing for first box

listing for second box

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

eBay Tip #1

I figure it is about time I share some tips with readers about buying on eBay. My first tip is concerning shipping and handling.
Before making a bid on any item be sure to check out he shipping and handling charges. Many times they are decent, but occasionaly, ok quite occassionaly you will find a seller who marks up his shipping and handling heavily. The item will probably appear cheap but once the shipping is added the seller has made a nice dime.
One way around this is to make sure in your eBay view that you show the shipping charges and add in your zip or postal code so eBay can attempt to approximate the cost for you. If the cost is not shown in the view then go to the listing and look for a shipping section. Still no info. Contact the seller via eMail. Even if the item is a deal you shouldn't take your chances.

Also, if you are going to buy several items from the same buyer check if they will combine ship the items for you. This will same you money on shipping. Make sure you don't process the payment before asking though as they will ussually give you an adjusted invoice with the new shipping cost. Once you pay it is more difficult.

If you have any questions on this please leave a comment.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Strangest eBay item posted here yet- MUST SEE

I tripped over this listing on eBay. Even though I didn't make complete sense of it I know someone will and they will be nice enough to comment and explain to me and other readers. The real treasure here however is not the item itself but the excellent pictures of Rosslyn Chapel inside the eBay listing. The item itself I believe is some sort of totem relating to paranormal experiences. Even if that is not for you GO CHECK OUT THE PICTURES!!! I'm a big fan of Rosslyn and I took a few extra glances at these pictures for sure.

Update: On second reading of the eBay post and a little slower this time I am seeing a strong reminder to a paper that was presented to me by a good friend of mine and brother, Giles W. Crouch. I actually had that paper published on another friend's site. The paper is on the Jinn and Freemasonry and it can be found here at The Burning Taper website. After reading the paper there some of the eBay listing may make more sense...Maybe?

Again if you can make sense of the rest of the item description please comment here and explain.

click here to see the listing with excellent pictures of Rosslyn Chapel (scroll down inside the ebay listing).

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Ad Astra Lodge 130 GLNS

Tonight my affiliation with Ad Astra Lodge #130 on the Grand Registry of Nova Scotia was approved. I also did a quick talk on Masonic websites. I'd just like to say hello to all the members of the lodge who may be reading my paper and surfing this site tonight. Thanks for stopping by! Drop by frequently and take some time to look at past posts.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Antique Masonic Freemason Bronzed Cast Iron Bookends on eBay

Here are some affordable cast iron bookends. These book ends would be great to hold your masonic book collection on a shelf. The square and compass design is well done, based on the photos.

This would be a great starter for anyone looking to start a collection of masonic items.

The bookends do need to be refelted on the bottom and rebronzed, if desired. But i kinda like them the way they look in the picture actually and would prabably leave them as is.

click here for ebay listing

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

19th Century Masonic Cribbage Board Ivory Parque

Today we have something for the card game lovers. This item would look great in a game room or living room or even a special room in a Lodge Hall perhaps. It is a cribbage board with the square and compass inlaid into the surface of the board. A great catch and not too pricey yet.
Good luck and happy bidding! click here to go directly to the eBay listing
Remember if you want me to look for something of interest just drop me a message or a comment...

Monday, June 11, 2007

Listing on eBay store selling off masonic goods

Today I found this eBay store that is reporting to be selling of it's masonic inventory. The store states the following:

"We recently cleared a large assortment of early items out of the Mechanicville, NY Masonic Lodge. The Lodge has closed after being open over 100 years and we found some Amazing, Early, Freemasonry pieces."

A smart buyer might find something of interest here. There are a few items that caught my eye. A drama team or lodge might find some useful items here that you don't normally find for sale that would make you shine. There are also many books listed in various states of condition. I caution my readers to be careful however as some of these items are listed as rare and I would disagree... unless rare is more common than it used to be. Take a browse and happy collecting!

(note: usually my links here take you to one item... today this link will take you to a product listing, all products have the same seller in this listing today)

click here for the listing on eBay

Friday, June 08, 2007

Antique Silver Inlaid Masonic Emblem Horn Snuff Box

Todays item is a nice antique snuff box. While I do not condone the use of snuff... but really that is up to you... This item appears well made and of good quality from the photos. I think it would be a nice gift for a fellow mason or a desktop discussion piece.

click here for the snuff box eBay listing

Friday, June 01, 2007

Interesting Ballot box... on eBay

Hello Brethren and readers,

Today I have an item that presents a few questions. It is a ballot box with glass sides from a Masonic Lodge in the US. The ballot box is stated as being from the 1800's in the listing. To add to the mystery is a newspaper clipping on the bottom of the box with details of the officers of the lodge at that time. They are from Lotus Lodge. (In the eBay listing you can see the photo of the clipping and read it.)

So my questions are:
Is this really a ballot box? In my jurisdiction the ballot box is closed to keep the balloting secret. Could this have been for another purpose?
Does anyone know anytihng about Lotus Lodge? Is the lodge still operating? I can assume the ballot box or whatever it is is here because the lodge went into darkness but I'd be interested to find out.

So brethren let's do some research and see if we can get to the bottom of this Masonic Mystery. Comment here on anything you find out or your opinion on the box.

Here is the link to the listing:
Click here to see the ebay listing with photos

Friday, May 25, 2007


This item was not an obvious masonic listing. It is a powder horn from the late 1700's. You will have to go into the listing and look at the various photos of the powder horn. In the carving on the horn you will see some obvious masonic markings. This horn was obviously carved by a mason.
At this time I'm not sure what price this item will go for and I'm not sure what this item should even be listed for. So far however the reserve for this item has not been met, but it is definately an item worth consideration for any serious collector of early american or masonic items.
click here to view the listing with photos

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Solid Gold Masonic Dues Receipt Case

Today is an item that many of us would like to have. It implied we have enough time to belong to enough lodges that we need a case for all the dues receipts, which also implies we are paid up at all those lodges as well. Well maybe that's streatching it. But as a former chair of the finance committee of my mother lodge I encourage you to keep your dues paid-up. OK enough of the lecture...
This case would make a nice addition to a masonic collection. I don't see a lot of this item on e-Bay. It may also be handy for the few of you that belong to a handful of lodges and need to organize your dues cards in a nice manner, with some class. A gold case would do that for you.

Take a look and bid accordingly...
click here to see e-bay listing for the dues receipt case

Thursday, May 03, 2007


Here is a neat plate with some obvious Masonic themes. I am not a specialist on plates but I think a plate collector who is a Mason would be very interested in this item. The pillars are quite obvious on this piece. Also the names of brethren in the lodge at the time are listed in the back giving it some historic value of sorts. I'm sure the lodge itself might be interested in an item like this. Unless they are like my mother lodge and they have a stack of them left at the back of the storage closet from 1903 and nobody has cleaned out the closet in one hundred years. We don't have antique plates but I swore I saw a few antiques back there a few years ago when I took inventory of the lodge. Alright I'm joking... in case someone from my lodge reads this.

click here to see the eBay listing and pics for the plate

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Special for Readers of this blog!


As I have an ownership interest in the following business and I want to promote it's business as well as give my fellow brothers a deal in doing so I am handing out a discount code that will work until May 12, 2007.

If you visit my new business... and your purchases total more than $25.... input code 5NC25 in the promo code box and save an extra 5%. I already have a few specials on and this code shouldn't interfere with those. If you have problems let me know and don't complete the transaction until I get back to you.

A couple things you may want to look at are...
Express E-mail Marketing- also would be very useful and efficient for lodge mailings!
Website Tonite - Good for people wanting to start a website, and get a unique .com for only $1.99 (while that special lasts)
Hosting packages as low as $3.99/month
And Finally (but I left a lot of the list) .COM Domains for $6.95 (yes I said 1.99 previously but that was with a non-domain purchase) and make sure you check out the extras, such as Quick Blogger, e-mail and free hosting! Same price for domain transfers and we add a year to whatever time is left with your existing Registrar.

Well that's all my advertising today... Sorry if I bugged anyone but if I don;t tell you how are ya supposed to know what my business' offer, especially when the prices are good!

Monday, April 30, 2007

Victorian Era Masonic Matchbox

Today on eBay you can find this great masonic matchbox. I was very impressed by all the masonic symbolism that is etched on the box. There has been some bidding activity on this listing but it is still not "out-of-hand" and within reason for value. Taka a look at this listing.
The seller is not a mason and doesn't have background on the item but they were kind enough to leave lots of photos on their listing to give everyone a good look before bidding. It's worth a look...

Click here to see the eBay listing for the Masonic Matchbox

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Download the New "Masons Toolbar" BETA

My apoligies for being sick the last day or two. Today I decided I'd unveil a little project I've been working on. It is a browser toolbar for IE or Firefox. There is a version for each. I would like it if you would download it and offer me suggestions for improvement. I've done a few changes since I first launched it to a couple of brethren. I have not added at the links I want to yet. But essentially I want to have this toolbar list masonic sites so they are all in one place for those of us who surf.

At a later date I'll add more sites but I have to start somewhere. Yes of course I favor my own sites. If you have a site you would like added please drop a comment here, till I get around to setting up an e-mail address specifically for that cause. All I ask is if I add you to the link you add the button somewhere and/or add value to the toolbar and the on-line masonic community. Obviously you need to have masonic content on your site... no anti-masonic sites will be permitted obviously.

As for business links... that will come later. I'm still trying to figure out what to do with that. I added my own site because I put this together. If you have a business and want to be added drop me a note anyway... I'll figure something out. Obviously I will need to know for sure that you are a member of the fraternity. The whole idea of the toolbar is to help and support our own on the web and make it simple to find things.

If you want something added let me know... Remember this is my "second draft"... Feedback is appreciated!

For the toolbar click here...

toolbar powered by Conduit

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Anti-masonic Stamps from German-controlled 1942 Serbia on eBay

This will be one of the few times I put anti-masonic items on this page. I just found them interesting and wanted to share the find. It is important that we do not forget our history so we do not have to relive it. Perhaps someone with greater history lecturing ability can do a better job than I but these stamps come out of the era of soviet and Nazi systems that aimed to get rid of religion and organized groups that had thoughts contrary to their beliefs. Please correct me if I'm wrong! The stamps are very interesting and best of all they are available to buy... so if you find them captivating place a bid and add them to your collection.

Click here for the eBay listing of the anti-masonic stamps and to see the stamps

Monday, April 16, 2007

Masonic Utensils... 12 piece set on eBay

Hey... It's good to be back in the groove today. I felt I needed to start things off this week with something unique but not too expensive. Here is a set to sit four people with mosonic spoons and forks... oh yeah even knives if you behave yourselves. Can't have you waiving them around now. Looks like the set is of good quality. They have the square and compass on the handle of each of the utensils. Click here for the eBay listing.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

My New Domain and Hosting Website

I've been busy recently which explains why I haven't been highlighting masonic items this week. I will get back to that shortly. In the meantime I started a new website for hosting and domain purchases. I also sell great add-ons for marketing, web security, etc... Take a look and consider me for your domain and hosting needs.
If you are wanting to get a website but can't afford to have a designer create one for you or lack the expertise then you should look at my WebSiteTonight package. It's quick and easy and includes hosting. PLUS I have a special on that for every non-domain purchase you can pick up a domain for only $1.99. I'll try to keep this blog restricted to my eBay habit and masonry but keep an eye open for "exclusive coupons" I may post in here for my fellow readers AKA masons for the most part.
Have questions about my new site? Email me!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Own Your Very Own Masonic Lodge- for sale on eBay

OK if I got you with the title... I'm a little late for April 1st but I'm not lying. Today I'm highlighting a miniature 1800's lodge building that you can buy. At the time of the writing of this post the price was a reasonable $19.99. It is intended to be used with train sets to create background sets but really you can be creative and use it for other purposes if you want. Maybe you want to set your lodge building on a mantle so you can be close to a lodge at all times? Maybe it would make the perfect gift for the train enthusiast brother in your lodge? Impress a brother today and get him something he doesn't have... His very own lodge building...

Click here for Miniature 1800's Lodge building for sale on eBay

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Mackey Masonic Encyclopedia, 1921

Here is an item all Masonic book lovers and historians will want to get hold of. It is a two volume Masonic Encyclopedia by the renowned Albert Mackey. I have a set like this is library and I find it very interesting. Again, I recommend anyone with interest in further light in masonry should look at this item for sale on eBay and consider adding it to their collection. Bid wisely and enjoy it if you get this item. I strongly recommend the purchase of this item.

Click here to see Mackey's Masonic Encyclopedia, 1921 print on eBay

Friday, March 30, 2007

Unique Photojournal from 1890 Bombay by a Mason--- Must See

I thought it was time for something more original. Here is a very well done photo journal from over a century ago in Bombay India. It is a must-see! Taker a few minutes and watch the slideshow. The first link will be the E-bay listing, but the second is a separate link to the slideshow. I recommend seeing the eBay listing first to get some history on the album then come back and visit the slideshow from here. I found the slideshow hard to find going through the sellers links so I've made it easier. Take a few minutes of time and turn up your speakers as the music is relaxing, and see old India from the eyes of a Mason.
eBay listing:

Then visit:
Slideshow here, and don't be in a rush

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Get Your Two Ball Cane Pin Today!

I thought I'd put up a modest item today. Here is an item I think every Mason should have. A modest pin that shows you are a mason to other masons and triggers the curiosity of other non-masons. The Two Ball Cane Pin is a great pin to have and I have found a listing for a pin at a decent price that just about everyone can afford. Go to eBay and get your pin sent to you today...
Two Ball Cane Pin

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Very Rare, Attention Serious Collectors: 1723 The constitutions of the Free-Masons

This item is out of the league for most of us but at the very least very interesting. I would love to see this book in person. It deserves to be in a museum for other Masons to see. By far this is the oldest Item I have highlighted here to date. If you are a serious collector then this would be an item of interest. I might actually send this link to a Masonic Museum I'm aware of to see if they are interested.
This book dated back to 1723 and has some of the earlier Masonic charges, laws regulations, rules, etc... This is a very Rare treasure. For the Serious Collector: 1723 The constitutions of the Free-Masons

The price tag is high enough to keep it out of most of our reaches but nonetheless it is worth a look.


Monday, March 26, 2007

Get Your Customized Masonic Lodge Badge

Usually I have a habit of finding odd and often expensive items. I will try to occasionally have items that are useful but not too expensive here also. Today is one of those days.

Here is a link to Masonic Lodge Badges that you can have customized for yourself or to present to another brother. These badges are nice to have if you do a lot of traveling to other lodges. Perhaps also for public appearances. At $5.95 for the Buy It Now price on eBay this is very affordable. You are now only steps away from ordering your own masonic name badge by clicking here. They will customize the badge to your needs for a reasonable price. Why not get one and present it to your brother that you always travel with too and travel in style? I would like to say thank you to R. W. Bro. Keith who presented me many (was it that long ago?) years ago with my own name tag. It is a cherished gift among the many he gave me as one of my masonic mentors and friends.

Friday, March 23, 2007

One-of-a-Kind Straight Razor with Masonic and K of C Symbols, along with nude woman, on same item, For Sale

I must admit I thought I was coming up dry today for an item I felt was worthy of mention. By about the ninth page of items I was ready to quit and leave it for the day. Then out of the corner of my eye I spied this Gem. You will really have to read the eBay sellers description but as mentioned in the title with Razor has both the symbols for Masonry and Knights of Columbus on the same handle. On the other side of the handle they have a picture of a naked woman. This is truly an item that is one-of-a-kind. It looks quite old but I see no reference to dates on the description. This blade needs to find a home with a collector that will cherish it and appreciate the humour of having Masonic, Knights of Columbus and naked women on the same item together.

The seller has a few pictures of the item with his description and they are worth a view.
One-of-a-kind Straight Razor with Masonic and Knights of Columbus symbol

Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Ulimate Masonic Reference CD

I thought yesterdays find was good when I found the Masonic Encyclopedia on CD. Today I find a CD with over 120 masonic books in it. If I wasn't watching my budget I would put a bid in on this item personally. I was amazed at some of the books they have on this CD. If any mason wanted one CD that they could build years of masonic education lectures from... here it is. A great asset for any aspiring Mason wishing for more light in the craft. And the price is very good if you consider the cost of a hardcover book these days, let alone over 120. Again if I wasn't pinching my pennies this week... I'd bid on this item personally. Maybe I'll change my mind by tonight?

Take a look just to see the many titles they list that are on the CD.
Ultimate Masonic Library CD - 120+ books on masonry on one CD!!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Unique Masonic Train Set for Sale

I never thought I'd be finding train sets on my blog, but here we are. I think this item would be great for any Mason with an interest in model trains. I've NEVER seen a Masonic train set before. This is very unique indeed. I noticed there are no bids on this item, at the time of this post. It is unique so I do not know the value of this item. I don't think you will see an item like this listed on E-bay anytime again in the near future. Even looking at the boxcars I can see various signs of the different masonic bodies. You should go to the E-bay post via this link to see more of the pictures... and bid accordingly if you are interested. Unique Weaver Masonic Train Set

Monday, March 19, 2007

Very Interesting Masonic Coded Ritual Book from 1913 on Sale at E-Bay

I saw this listing and thought it worthy of mentioning here. It is a ritual book from 1913. I don't know what jurisdiction this particular book is from but I have one almost identical to it in my personal collection. When you open the book you have the ritual but many of the words are represented by symbols. A Mason familiar with the ritual would have no trouble making out the ritual in the book and begin to understand all the symbols, but someone not familiar at all with the ritual would be utterly lost. It was a great way at the time to keep the ritual a secret. Now of course you can download the ritual from the Internet word for word but this book is a great part of Masonic history and represents a time when secrecy was a large part of the Masonic tradition.

Here is the link to the listing: Masonic Coded Ritual Book from 1913

I'd like to mention a couple things though about this listing. I hate when they refer to Masonic items as OCCULT. Why do they do that? A quick search on E-bay on items using "occult" in their title brings up items about Wicca, Magi ck, sorcery, demons and Masonry. This drives me nuts. And this particular book vendor has a couple of books on Masonry. Well this is one of my pet peeves. When I'm in a book store it also bothers me that they list masonic books many times in the Religion section. It should go under the philosophy section. Does this bother anyone else?

One last note... This item I highlighted today is starting at $75. I think they should have started the listing much lower. For those with money this is a great find but they may be asking a bit too much for a ritual book. They are hard to come by though so I guess if the market can fetch the price then it is earned...

Friday, March 16, 2007

Masonic Barong from Philipines for Sale - Very Interesting

I think I found something neat today. The other day I found kilts at a great price with choice of Masonic or clan accessories included in the price. Today it is a Filipino Barong. I looked at the listing and I couldn't believe the detail in the stitching. The masonic symbols, pillars, etc... and it looks like it would be very comfortable in a formal setting on a hot day. How many of us have wanted to increase the AC in the lodge room and you can not get it quite high enough on the hot days as the brethren sweat in their suits? Perhaps this is the answer? I've never worn one of these but perhaps I may have to check into this myself. If a Filipino brother can comment on the suitability of this item for lodge functions that would be great!!!

Interesting Masonic Barong (XL) on E-bay

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Rare Late 1800s Grand Commander Knights Templar Apron and Sash for Sale

I am not a member of this particular body of Masonry but I could not pass up posting this amazing set of items. An apron and sash in this reported condition is indeed a rare find if it is from the late 1800s, as reported by the seller. The seller is offering to take bids on this item or sell it outright at a given price. So take your chances and try to bid and get a better price or go for it and guarantee you get the set today by paying the Pay It now Price. I think this would be a great addition to a collector, especially if it is to be displayed in a case for others to see. A great prize for a Masonic Museum too...

Check it out... Rare late 1800s Grand Commander Knights Templar Apron and Sash Set

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A Personal Note

Hello Brethren all,

I wanted to make a note that I'll be planning a trip with some other brethren to head down to New Hampshire on a weekend Lodge visit from July 13-14th, 2007. We will be travelling to Nashua, NH to visit Rising Sun Lodge. If any brethren from the NE of the USA are available they can get me by leaving a comment here and you can just tell me not to publish the comment if you wish. I'd really like to meet some of the brethren that visit the site and put a name and face to an IP address. Let me know... and I'll keep you informed as my plans solidify.

OK I know I owe you a few E-bay items to look at now...


Well I've been meaning to do this since I started highlighting e-bay items. I should provide some disclosure on my link with E-bay and the fraternity.

I am a Past Master from the GL of NS in Canada. We are a regular lodge that is recognized by all the Grand Lodge bodies I am aware of, except perhaps co-masonry and female masonic bodies, although I know a few female brothers and they will not be shunned by me although I will not be able to sit in lodge with them. I'm sure there are a few others that are not or that we do not recognize but that list would probably be the same for most regular Grand Lodge bodies. And yes we do recognize Prince Hall lodges although I'm sad to say I've never been to a Prince Hall lodge yet... But I plan on it eventually. Any invites to attend lodges are always welcome. I'm also well below the average age for masonry... and show like a sore thumb in a lodge hall with my young looks and my white legs sticking out from under my kilt.

I will also disclose that people using my site to connect with E-bay listings are helping me out as well. I do receive a small portion of the fees E-bay collects from the seller when you use my links. It doesn't cost you anything... E-bay pays me. I have a young family and a fairly new business so your patronage to my site is appreciated. I do not get rich from this site but coffee money is nice and it gives me an excuse to look for novel E-bay items that may interest the brethren. A small hobby...

Monday, March 12, 2007

Masonic Kilt Kit for Sale at a Great Price

I could not believe this when I saw it. As many of you may or may not know, I wear a kilt to lodge almost every meeting. I love it and wear it with pride. Of course I get the occasional joke about not being able to afford pants. Let them laugh because nothing shows your Scottish or Irish Ancestory like a kilt. That being said... to fully equip a kilt with all the trimmings can be quite a costly affair. I was browsing through my own site under my "Buy It Now" page and found this great deal. Masonic Kilts for Sale at a Great Price
It is drop-shipped out of Canada. Oh wait I'm from Canada. But no matter, I can guarantee you would be hard pressed to find a kilt and everything to go with it for a price that comes close to this, including a heavy shipping fee. I also think I know the supplier but I have not researched this. If it is who I think it is then they sell a very good quality kilt. Also note this kit comes with much more than just the kilt itself. Buying your kilt in a kit like this could save you hundreds of dollars.

A couple of things a kilt buyer should watch is the weight of the kilt and make sure they measure you properly for the kilt or ask your measurements over the phone to size you up properly. Show your pride and buy a kilt today!

PS - If you are a Shriner in Nove Scotia, Canada.... They are looking for more members for their "Elite" Scottish unit. You don't have to be Scottish but you need the proper regalia to be a member. We don't even ask if you like Haggis either... but it helps.

Rare 1800c Masonic Heart-Shaped Brass Tobacco Box

This neat item has to be seen by any serious collector. It is obviously not cheap (as a piece like this shouldn't be anyway) but for the avid collector it would be a great addition. I love the engraving on the piece. It has masonic history all over it... you can feel it just looking at the pictures. I can imagine in real life it would be a great conversation piece. Take a look and bid accordingly.
1800c Masonic Heart-Shaped Brass Tobacco Box

Please remember if you want me to watch for anything in particular or if you have an item you are selling on e-bay of masonic interest.... Let me know and I'll mention it here. Readership for this blog is increasing and the support of the brethren who have begun reading this blog regularly is greatly appreciated.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Rare Stereoview of Civil War Masonic Hall in Folly Island, SC (1864)

This item in E-bay looks interesting and not too expensive for a collector of Masonic items. I looks very interesting with some historic value and carries a uniqueness that would be sought by any masonic collector. Rare Stereoview of Civil War Masonic Hall, Folly Island, SC

Take a look and make a bid to have this item in your collection.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Masonic Handmade Oak Walking Cane

Today's find on E-bay for the inquisitive Mason looking to collect or purchase something unique is a fine Masonic Handmade Oak Cane. Click on the link and check out the craftsmanship in this cane. I think it is quite impressive. With a set price on this item any mason can get it now at a decent price on E-Bay. Only $125 for a handcrafted piece of Masonic wood-art. Definitely worth a look....

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Vintage Rare Gold and Silver Masonic Fob Cross on E-Bay

I was surprised to see this item on E-bay today. I've only seen one of these in my life and they are very interesting and highly prized by their owners. Take a look at it. These fobs are highly sought after, from what I understand. They are a ball that open out to a cross and are covered with masonic symbolism inside the cross. Currently at time of this writing the top bid was $66. My opinion is that this would be a steal considering it is gold and silver artwork.
Click on the link to the E-Bay listing for more details...

Vintage Rare Masonic Fob Gold and Silver Cross on E-bay

As a note: If anyone that reads my blog is ever listing masonic items on E-bay... let me know. I'd be happy to mention it.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

"National Treasure" Prop for Sale

OK so the Masonic connection on this item is a bit of a stretch. The movie "National Treasure" is however one of the more recent movies with heavy references to the Craft. So this item which is actually a replica of the original prop is quite interesting. It is a replica on one of the puzzle pieces they found on the boat that was frozen in the North. It is called the Meerschaum Pipe.

For a serious collector this would be a neat addition although a bit pricey for a replica of a prop. Check out the link for more details...

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Antique Lodge Pillow

Wow I found this item quite interesting. Look at the hand work on this. I figure this pillow would be a nice addition to any brother. And the price is right too.... At least for now! Under ten dollars and a very nice pillow is yours.
Antique Masonic Lodge Pillow on E-Bay
Click on it and check it out... Check back often and see what other Masonic treasures I can find.
Want me to keep an eye out for something for you... Drop me a line or comment.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Past Master Medal

As I look through items on e-bay, fleamarkets, antique stores, etc.... I always find PM jewels on display. Here is an axample of one in E-bay today... Past Master Medal on E-Bay

I know that they get separated from people or families fail to realize their importance but I can't help but feel a lose when I see such a fine jewel with a name on the back and a lodge and it is for sale. Does anyone else feel this way?

Thursday, March 01, 2007

1860's Vintage Apron

I saw this item on E-Bay and thought it was interesting to point out. It is a shame an apron like this was not kept with a lodge. If you are into collecting masonic regalia you should consider bidding on this item. This bid is time sensitive but at last check it was going for only $67. A steal for an avid collector.... in my opinion...

link to 1860's Masonic Apron auction page

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

New Direction...

I have not been very good at updating this site. I was having some turmoil in other areas. As well, I didn't really know where I wanted to go with this site. I just had an "ahaaa" moment. I'm forever looking for masonic things on-line, such as books and jewelery. I've therefore decided to start making this site into a masonic resource to find interesting things online, with regards to Masonry. Any ideas?

Again sorry for the delay. I'll get this site back into gear shortly. This is what happens I guess when your cable tow gets stretched.