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Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Well it looks like one of the best ideas for Canadian Masonry has come to a temporary end. Canadian Masons in the know where subscribed to a servcie called Canmas. It was a great service where old masonic papers were revived and masonic questions answered by sharing via e-mail with Masons across the country.

Yesterday I was advised that Canmas was coming to an abrupt and sudden end. Someone had reported it as spam to a spam service, thus causing a lot of problems for the administrators of the service. Takes only one person to wreck a good thing. It definatly wasn't spam. It was a voluntary subcribed list that was tyled by a great guy in British Columbia.

Within minutes of gettign this news though... A new Yahoo group was formed to fill the void. If you were subscribed to Canmas and didn't get switched or you are a Canadian mason that wants to be informed, drop a comment here. I'll make sure your set-up. If you are a new subcriber... please advise your lodge. This is a tyled group...